LATEST Living School Startup News...

UPDATE – July 2019

The NESA inspection went well – and the inspector’s report signed off on our capacity to comply as a K-8 school for 2020.  

This still requires endorsement by a NESA committee, and then final approval must be granted by the NSW Minister (Education).  We expect to have this finalised in August.  Once we have this approval, we shall be offering enrolments.  As mentioned, Living School cannot offer any enrolments until we have approval. 

So we are nearly, nearly there.

“We learn who we are in practice, not in theory.” David Epstein

UPDATE – May 2019

more to come soon but watch this space 🙂


Byron Council released an Expression of Interest on the land we have been hopeful to secure.  Our EOI has been asked to now tender – along with three other applicants.  The site sits well with our focus on sustainability and repurposing.  Our focus is on the environment – and our plans involve many exciting facets that will ensure all the community gains access and benefits from our replenishment and custodianship. The next phase will involve community consultation – and we await the details.  




UPDATE – May 2019

All is progressing with the Lismore site – it is now under construction.  

All documentation was submitted to NESA on time and will allow us to scope out a K-8 offering.

Lismore will offer a small startup school for 60 students in the heart of Lismore, although learning experiences will be taken offsite and into the wonders of the local communities.  NESA inspection will be on July 2.  If successful, we will then be notified of approval by September – and we will commence as a school in 2020.  The intention is to operate as a ‘middle school’ for students from 11 years to 15 years (Years 5-8).  The intention of Lismore is to be our pilot school with the intention of campuses around the region.

UPDATE – January 2019

We have now had our development application approved by Lismore City Council.  This means we have the site to start a school and, with the DA consent, we can progress to submit all our registration documentation to NESA by March 31st for approval to operate as a school commencing 2020.

The next phase is the completion of our construction certificate, which we have initiated over the holiday period.  There are still more documents required but we are hopeful to start the renovation and building by late January/early February 2019.  

This site has been approved by Council for 60 students.  We are considering our options but – at this stage – we are looking at a middle school model (for children aged 10 – 16).

It will also operate a childcare centre for 39 students.

Shortly, we will be opening up community engagement meetings – more information to come!


We have now lodged our development application with Lismore City Council on a small startup in the heart of Lismore.  After many months of planning, we are hopeful for a smooth progression through the process.  This will allow us to have a recognised school site – which, in turn, means we can apply for registration by next March 31st with NESA to open as a school in 2020.  This site is Living School Lismore – and has a special focus on early childhood, called LivingKinder.  See more – http://livingkinder.com 

LivingKinder childcare centre

With the approval of our Development Application with Lismore Council for the Living School Lismore site – we will be initiating a new small and personal childcare centre.  This centre will only support 39 children maximum.  It will have four dedicated teachers.  If you would like to find out more information, please visit our https://www.livingkinder.com/livingkinder-child-learning-centre/ and register your interest.